Silent Night, Deadly Night 2 (1987)

The nightmare is about to begin... again!
Comedy / Horror • 88 minutes  3.5/10
Starring: Eric Freeman James Newman Elizabeth Kaitan Jean Miller Darrel Guilbeau Brian Michael Henley Corrine Gelfan Michael Combatti and others.
Director: Lee Harry Story: Dennis Patterson Screenplay: Joseph H. Earle Story: Joseph H. Earle Lawrence Appelbaum Screenplay: Lee Harry Story: Lee Harry Director of Photography: Harvey Genkins Producer: Lawrence Appelbaum Editor: Lee Harry Original Music Composer: Michael Armstrong
Released • April 10, 1987

The now-adult Ricky talks to a psychiatrist about how he became a murderer after his brother, Billy, died, which leads back to Mother Superior.

A.K.A. DE: Stille Nacht, Horror Nacht Teil 2  ES: Noche de paz, noche de muerte II  FR: Douce nuit, sanglante nuit 2  PT: Silent Night, Deadly Night Part 2  RU: Тихая ночь, смертельная ночь 2